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Things to consider when designing your home

How large a home, how many square feet?
How many levels?
How many bedrooms?
What living areas do you want?
Will there be a basement, walk-out or not?
How many bathrooms?
What fixtures do you want in the bathrooms?
How large do you want the rooms?
Do you prefer "open concept?"
Where is your home going to be located?
How is the home going to placed on your property?
What direction will the front of the home face?
Does the property have an elevation to consider?
How many car garage do you want?
Where do you prefer the laundry room be located?
Do you want a designated office space?
How important are windows and how large?
What type of roof do you want?
What kind of flooring in each room?
What kind of utilities will be available?
How important is the kitchen?
What kitchen appliances will be included?
What outside living areas do you want?

These are just some of the things to consider and questions we will ask you at your initial design meeting.

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